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ZSL Archives is the institutional archive for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a conservation charity and learned society founded in 1826. We hold historical material about the society’s activities, conservation and scientific work, and our two Zoos: London and Whipsnade.

Enquiries and Visiting the Archive

Anyone is welcome to visit the archive, and they are free to use, but you must contact us first to make an appointment.

We’re also happy to answer any questions about the history of ZSL – but we are unable to carry out extensive research for users. Please see the contact us page.

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Celebrating #WorldFishMigrationDay with one of only 12 plates in Sir William Jardine's 'British Salmonidae' [1839]. https://t.co/fugNHxjwLB ZSLLibrary photo
#OTD in 1799 the fossilist #MaryAnning was born. In this letter to William Buckland she discusses ichthyosaurs & coprolites. Visit ZSL Library and Archives to read more correspondence between Anning and Buckland #fossils https://t.co/frGpev0898 ZSLLibrary photo
On #EndangeredSpeciesDay why not take a look at our 'Lost and rare' #blogs? Art works depicting extinct and endangered animals: https://t.co/3IsKTJw2Hb Illustrations: https://t.co/EhnrxIkfog https://t.co/0NFXbBQvUL ZSLLibrary photo